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We understand the relentless pressure global firms are under to attract the best talent irrespective of office location. This often means offering employees security through pensions and gratuities.

Multi-national firms operating Middle East offices often need to comply with global pension and gratuity schemes in accordance with their global remuneration schemes. World-class local brands are also now taking up the baton of providing future security for their employees by launching corporate pension schemes. Meanwhile, gratuity and end of service benefits are also part of GCC-wide labour laws.
At swissglobal, our track record, global reach and international network of partners and affiliates give us the expertise, experience and coverage to craft the ideal pensions and gratuity solutions for your business.
Our teams and partners support you every step of the way, by setting up easy-to-manage structures for your pensions and gratuity schemes. Then, we optimise these to maximise returns for employees while reducing your company’s end of service gratuity liabilities.
So whether you want to effectively handle gratuity payments or offer a pensions scheme that helps you attract global talent, swissglobal can help. We’re independent, we’re thorough, we’re recognised, and we’re on your side.
We offer:
Pension Schemes
Group Gratuities
Offshore Pension Plans

A proven track record. A global presence. A commitment to you.


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