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Who are we? We’re swissglobal. And we’re on your side. ”

We believe in planning. We stand by values of transparency and honesty.

We constantly train and update the competencies of all our team members.

Most of all, we think long term.



What if we could help people and their financial wellbeing while making the most of life?

What if we could offer genuine value and improve quality of life by ensuring financial security?

What if we could free people from the intricacies of financial planning to make the most of life?

What if we were determined to do so? What if we made this our vision? Well, we have.



Our mission is to enable our clients to make the most of life – to power their financial success, drive their financial security, and put them at the heart of what we do. We do this by setting new standards for excellence and customer service industry-wide, and by investing in our people and in the cutting-edge technology that gives us a competitive edge. 


We believe in

Complete transparency, with open discussions about goals, timelines, strategies and fees.

A business model where the client is always the centre of the success stories we create.

Relationships that last and create genuine value.

Diversity, and the new wave of ideas, knowledge and experience it opens for us.

The power of digitalisation, and the importance of investing in technology, in sparking industry-leading service standards and empowering our employees.

Investing in our people with time, training resources, education, development opportunities and career planning – so we can empower them to do their very best for our clients.

Planning for the 'what if's' - those changing circumstances that can put clients at risk - by investing in market research and regular reviews. 

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