Brand sponsors the oldest cricket club in the UAE to nurture talent and keep sporting spirit alive.

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swissglobal goes out to bat for the UAE’s Darjeeling Cricket Club

26 February, 2019

Brand sponsors the oldest cricket club in the UAE to nurture talent and keep sporting spirit alive

Global financial advisory and wealth management firm swissglobal has chalked out its runup by becoming the official sponsor of the Darjeeling Cricket Club – the UAE’s oldest cricket institution. 

swissglobal’s sponsorship will help this mainstay of the UAE’s cricket scene take up the willow at the Dubai Super League, ICC Academy, and the 6s tournament where local and international teams meld into a celebration of sport. The club is using the sponsorship towards upgrading kit, equipment and training to win the Dubai Super League trophy in 2019 – a feat it last accomplished in 2015-2016 league. 

“At swissglobal, we believe in talent, sportsmanship and human spirit.  We want to support and nurture these qualities wherever we get the chance. We have a world-class in-house learning and development programme where employees are supported every step of the way towards reaching their potential. We also want to extend these principles to our communities. Supporting institutions such as the Darjeeling Club is the right way to turn our belief in human potential into concrete action,” said swissglobal CEO Mike Coady.

Founded in 1969 – two years before the birth of the UAE – the Darjeeling Cricket Club is celebrating its 50th year in 2019. The club is known for its heritage, and for playing honest cricket in the spirit of the game. Darjeeling teams play some 70 matches through the year, and are formed from 100+ playing members. They also tour internationally and have participated in the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes in Thailand since the tournament started. 

“We are so grateful for swissglobal’s sponsorship. Without such patrons, we would simply not be able to play in the Dubai Super League or at the International Cricket Academy as regularly as we do. The UAE sporting community would be poorer as a result. swissglobal’s sponsorship will be invested in ground rentals, kit, tours and entry to big tournaments such as the 6s. We’re hoping to win the Dubai Super League this year carrying the banner of swissglobal as our main sponsor,” said Darjeeling Cricket Club team captain Tom Kimber.

Darjeeling Cricket Club is home to cricketers of all ages across a spectrum of nationalities and with a vast gamut of day jobs. 50% of the club’s members are senior professionals, decision-makers and business owners in their industries. 

“swissglobal is international in aspiration, much like the Darjeeling Cricket Club. We share other values – such as delight in achieving, creating success stories, and prioritizing the spirt of fairness and transparency. We are aligned in terms of work ethics, strong reputations and a desire to make a genuine difference to community well-being,” added Coady. “Be competitive, be fair, and be community-minded – these are values that bring us together.”

About swissglobal

swissglobal is an international financial services and solutions provider headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with offices in Zurich, Basel and Dubai.

We’re a wealth management firm that believes in changing how business is done, and making exceptional standards the norm industry-wide.

We’re global – with a strong presence in Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and an eye on exciting markets throughout the Middle East, Europe and Far East Asia. We’re independent – which means that we give you objective advice.

We’re all about you – your goals, your story and your objectives. We bring you an extraordinary portfolio of financial expertise to manage your financial goals while you focus on making the most of life.

Who are we? We’re swissglobal. And we’re on your side.

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swissglobal goes out to bat for the UAE’s Darjeeling Cricket Club

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