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What’s it like working at swissglobal?

20 February, 2019
What’s it like working at swissglobal?

swissglobal is growing. We’re seeing new faces join our operations every day, across our offices in the UAE and Switzerland. So we thought we’d give you a sneak peak into what’s it really like working for swissglobal. 

You go international: Let’s start off by saying that we’re very good at finding UK-based talent and giving you an opportunity to spread your wings. So whether you’re heading for the beauty of Geneva or the beaches and sun of Dubai, you’ll experience life a bit differently. You’ll also get international experience that looks great on your CV. 

There’s room for you: Our team is diverse, and includes people at all stages of their careers. Yes, we usually look for at least L4 qualified financial advisers. But you can also have 3 years of experience in other financial service areas, with transferrable skills. Or you could be a skilled business development guru who has relationship-building and deal closing in their blood. We also take on fresh graduates who can build their career with us. We’ll support you every step of the way and train you up while on the job. 

You’ll feel good about working here: Here’s the thing – at swissglobal, our aim is to help people. We succeed when our clients do – which means you’ll be part of a movement dedicated to creating genuine value and helping clients achieve financial security. We’re good at what we do, and what we do is create success stories with our clients at the very heart. 

We work hard – but we celebrate: We’re a large but close-knit team, and that means everyone’s always around for advice and guidance. It’s not all work either – we try and celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions together. The team that celebrates together sticks together, we believe. 

Your professional development is in safe hands: On a serious note, we’re very serious about your career development. We want you to be the best you can be, for your sake and ours. That’s why you get access to the online levelup Academy by swissglobal the minute you’re an employee. It gives you access to professional development 24/7. You can swot up on CISI and CII learning materials all the way from Level 3 to Level 6. We’ve got some other surprises in there too – such as exclusive modules on fund-specific training, or on soft skills and leadership. 

Our HR is quick: No need to push forms around or get signatures in triplicate. We’re all adults here. We’ve implemented a super charged HR system bamboo by swissglobal – which makes it really easy to handle these applications. It also gives you access to on-boarding material when you join. Basically, it gets the HR hurdles out of the way so you can focus on serving your clients. 

We believe in facetime: Technology is good, and emails save time. But nothing is as useful as facetime. We believe in lots of it – with colleagues, managers, and clients. That’s why CEO Mike Coady has an open-door policy. Mike believes in regular one-to-ones. We also do regular seminars and workshops. There’s always access to expertise from our top-tier advisers from across our global offices. 

So that’s what it’s like to work at swissglobal. If you want to help people and create social value while supercharging your international experience, you might just be a great fit here.
About swissglobal

swissglobal is an international financial services and solutions provider headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with offices in Zurich, Basel and Dubai.

We’re a wealth management firm that believes in changing how business is done, and making exceptional standards the norm industry-wide.

We’re global – with a strong presence in Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and an eye on exciting markets throughout the Middle East, Europe and Far East Asia. We’re independent – which means that we give you objective advice.

We’re all about you – your goals, your story and your objectives. We bring you an extraordinary portfolio of financial expertise to manage your financial goals while you focus on making the most of life.

Who are we? We’re swissglobal. And we’re on your side.

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What’s it like working at swissglobal?

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